Our Brain

This section controls and manages the entire system of the lottery, casino and sport betting and the rest of the games we support. It includes all logic, calculations, smarts and mathematics behind everything, and this is why we call it “Our Brain”.  The Brain was planned, developed and programmed by and unique team of Mathematicians, statisticians, database experts and gambling, gaming and lottery experts from all over the world.

This is the main center of all our state-of-the-art technology.  It is connected to all other sections in the platform, and every activity is approved and updated by the Brain section.

The Brain was programmed to be very user friendly and flexible to enable different clients to execute their specific needs, and not be limited to specific rules and boundaries.

This way each client can decide his own rules and needs and run a completely different online lottery, casino, sport betting and gaming operation compared to other clients.  This flexibility enables our clients to target any specific market with its own unique needs in the specific industry they choose.


This section of the platform enables the management and the support to engage and interact with the players at an easy and timely manner, while seeing the relevant information of each customer. This section includes also a CRM for managing an international sales call center.

Customer service CRM for assisting the customer service department to engage with the players. This part assists the customer service department and the management to understand the status of all players using a dashboard that gives a general status of the operation.  Of course it enables the customer service department to see each client’s status and understand if the client has any specific issue that they can assist him with.

All issues/ transactions and activities done by the client and for the client are recorded on this system, enabling to monitor all activity done.

Call Center management system which enables to manage and control a call center. This system enables a business that wants to manage a sales call center to use the CRM for managing an international call center with all the professional aspects of managing such call center.  All this without the need to use a 3rd party solution or any additional integrations.


Front End

This is the actual site that enables players to enjoy all services and games supported by the platform. We developed a flexible front end which can be changed and designed according to the unique and specific needs of every clients and be targeted to any type of market.




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